Community Love

I feel empowered!

I was really interested in essential oils; but every time I got close to trying them out, it was way too overwhelming. Julie made it easy and clear. I know how to use them now and when to use them.  I also understand them a lot better - how they work and why they help support me and my family. Now I use essential oils on a consistent basis.  There’s no overwhelm.  Julie also introduced me to non-toxic cleaning products and body care products.  Also, I now have my go-to headache blend that I use. I love that I feel empowered to handle problems like headaches naturally. 

     ~Steph G. 

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I'm a better person!

I have known Julie for over 10 years. I’m grateful for her smile and her unconditional friendship. Julie has helped me come out of my shell and become a better person.

   ~Chris C. 

Julie helped me uncover mindset blocks I didn't know I had!

Julie, I just have to say that working with you was such a pleasure! I enjoyed my time with you immensely! You are so easy to talk to, very spiritual and knowledgeable.You helped me uncover a few mindset blocks that I didn't even know I had. Which I am so grateful for! And thank you for the aromatherapy advice! It helps to have your mind body and soul in alignment to be able to get what you want! Thanks again!

    ~Amberely M.

Julie Listens

I have known Julie for 2 years now. We met at a school PTA meeting.I am ever so grateful for having met Julie because she is connected to people she meets and is genuinely interested in them and their overall well being. Julie and I may follow different faiths but, our foundations are similar and in connecting through the school Julie has been a solid person to lean on.  Even though she may not know exactly what ones trial's are, she is always there to reach out to others by  a simple text or a generous gift as simple as a stress-relieving roller bottle of essential oils or a box of cookies. She listens and responds without judgment.

   ~Lea M. 

Resourceful Professional you can Rely on

Julie Onos is a very resourceful professional who not only helped me make new systems to get my life more streamlined, but she also fixed the systems that were no longer working for me!! She is such a wonderful lady with heart and knowledge. She gave me a reboot in every section of my life.

Elena F.